About Betterment

What is Betterment?

With this option you will receive a fully automated trading and investment solution; A robust gallery of globally diversified low cost ETF portfolios which use tax efficient strategies. 

Welcome to Betterment: Smarter Than Your Average Portfolio

The Betterment portfolio is an intelligent portfolio designed for optimal performance.

Built on Nobel Prize-winning research, the Betterment portfolio is a globally diversified mix of stock and bond index funds, chosen to help provide optimal returns at every level of risk. Read more about their selection methodology.

The Betterment portfolio is designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Through diversification, automated re-balancing, better behavior, and lower fees, the Betterment approach to investing can help generate 2.9% higher returns than a typical DIY investor.

Among many other features, Betterment also provides a Tax Loss Harvesting+  tool that systematically finds embedded capital losses to lower investment taxes and increase after-tax returns.

Bridge Wealth Management Group's first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We have provided this incredible comprehensive resource to provide better returns through a highly developed resource of diverse options and tax efficient investing. 

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